August Inglenook of Zionsville Update


The excavators are out and basements are being dug!  Home construction for homesites #12, 11, and 10 is underway! 

Inglenook of Zionsville New Home Construction

After Inglenook’s first three Cottage Homes are built, Casey and his team of builders will move on to Homesites #13 and 14 to finish off the Northeast corner of Inglenook of Zionsville.  Homesite #13 is already sold and the beloved Betty is currently planned for Homesite #14.



A Corner Plumrose will be nestled into Homesite #10.  This Plumrose will be built off of the three-bedroom Plumrose Floorplan and will include a basement.  This homesite is currently under construction.

View the Plumrose Listing>

View the 3-Bedroom Plumrose Floorplan>

The two-bedroom Betty will be built in Homesite #14.  This will be one of the only Bettys built in Inglenook of Zionsville.

View the Betty Listing>

View the 2-Bedroom Betty Floorplan>

View the latest Inglenook of Zionsville neighborhood plan>

Stop by, say hello, and see the construction in action.  To schedule a sales meeting or walk the neighborhood site please give us a call - 317.767.9760 or send us an email –