Connecting with Inglenook Homeowners

Connecting with Inglenook Homeowners

When Loic and Claire relocated their family of six to Carmel, Indiana from North Carolina they were looking for a community they could call home.   A community where their kids could safely play, neighborly friendships could be made, and their family could flourish. 

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Cottage Homes: Character that's built in

Cottage Homes: Character that's built in

Built-ins come hand-in-hand with Inglenook Cottage Homes and architect Ross Chapin.  Built-ins provide comfort, charm, and functionality to the basic framework of a home.  We often get the question, “Where should we put a built-in?”  The answer is quite simply – anywhere you want! 

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Cottage Home Customization

Cottage Home Customization

As we build an Inglenook Cottage Home we discuss many things with the homeowners – home designs, homesites, and paint colors to name a few.  In the end, each Cottage Home exudes its own personality as expressed through its unique colors, personal gardens, and individual take on the respective floorplans.

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Inside and Out – Inglenook Cottage Home Features

Inside and Out – Inglenook Cottage Home Features

At Inglenook Cottage Homes we believe the quality of product is important in every aspect of your home. From the inside out, here’s a full list of base features included in Inglenook Cottage Homes.

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Pocket Neighborhood People

We often get the question – “Who lives in your pocket neighborhoods?” When we set out to build pocket neighborhoods we don’t intend to build them for just one demographic. Our goal is to build a neighborhood for people who are searching for something more than a house; we build for people searching for a community.

Over the past few years we’ve had the joy of building twenty-seven different cottage homes for twenty-seven different families in our Carmel pocket neighborhood.   Here we have welcomed young families, old families, new friends and old, dog people, cat people, musicians and artists, and a motorcycle lover too!

Pocket Neighborhood Living Pocket Neighborhood Living 

Pocket Neighborhood Living Pocket Neighborhood Living Pocket Neighborhood Living Pocket Neighborhood Living Pocket Neighborhood LivingPocket Neighborhood LivingPocket Neighborhood Living

These are the faces of the Inglenook Family. These people have moved from nearby cities, across the country, and from overseas to find this type of community.

The people who live at Inglenook are something special, in more ways than one.

If you want to join the Inglenook family at our newest pocket neighborhood in Zionsville please contact us at 317.767.9760 or via email at

Inglenook Outdoor Living


Pergolas, porches, and private patios, these are a few of our favorite spring spots.   Cottage-style living lends itself to enjoying good weather, good friends, and good times. Whether you’re looking for a quiet space to relax and sip your morning cup of Joe or you want to mingle with your new neighbors, there’s an outdoor space for you.

What makes an outdoor space special is personalizing it to you and yours. Here are few of our Inglenook residents’ favorite spaces:

Inglenook of Carmel

Inglenook Outdoor Living

Inglenook Outdoor Living Inglenook Outdoor Living


Inglenook Outdoor Living Inglenook of Carmel

To schedule a private tour of Inglenook of Carmel and our final home please call 317.767.9760 or contact us via email at

New Year, New Inglenook of Carmel Listing

New Year, New Inglenook Listing

Ringing in the New Year, we have recently added a new Inglenook of Carmel listing! A custom Plumrose cottage home will be built on Home Site #27 in our cozy pocket neighborhood. This will be one of the three final homes available at Inglenook of Carmel.


Ross Chapin Plumrose Cottage Home

The Plumrose is one of Inglenook’s and architect Ross Chapin’s most popular cottage-style homes. This particular Plumrose home will be nestled within a cluster of six cottage-style homes overlooking a community green space.

The Plumrose is a three- or four-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bath cottage-style home that possesses a feeling of spaciousness driven by beautiful vaulted ceilings, numerous big windows and smart, flexible design.

A key element of cottage-style living is individuality. Each home is unique, inside and out. Focused on expanding the homeowner’s choices, the Plumrose takes individuality all the way to the number and design of the rooms. The second “bedroom” upstairs offers one such opportunity to customize the home to fit life’s needs. Make it a spacious, quiet master retreat and master bath, or a bright and cheery child’s bedroom and playroom, or a guest bedroom and office - the possibilities are endless and the decision is yours.

Bringing the home’s utility outdoors, the front porch and private bedroom patio serve as extensions of the main living space. The front porch provides a private yet public space to enjoy the community greens and neighbors. The private patio is a great spot to read the newspaper over a morning cup of coffee. These spaces balance the personal and social aspects of cottage living, bringing community without sacrificing privacy.  

Rounding out the Plumrose is the expansive two-and-a-half car garage. Whether it’s for work, play, or both, the potential for the garage is unending. This home is 2,792 square feet excluding the optional basement. There is an option for a finished or unfinished basement. The price of this Plumrose home is $378,082, listing #21329813.



Digging begins in the next few weeks so be sure to stop by soon! To schedule a private tour please contact us at 317.767.9760 or via email at . The Inglenook sales office is open Saturday-Sunday, 1-4PM.

Only 8 Cottage Home Sites Still Available at Inglenook of Carmel

Only 8 Cottage Home Sites Still Available at Inglenook of Carmel

Building a neighborhood is more than just constructing houses and streets; it’s about creating a community of homes.   We are excited to announce that Inglenook’s cozy community is almost full!  We have officially sold out of Ross Chapin’s Betty Rose and Betty Sue cottage home designs.

This leaves eight Inglenook home sites and two move-in-ready cottage-style homes still available.  From the details in the homes to the design of the whole neighborhood, Inglenook is thoughtfully planned.  Each of the remaining home sites has a specific cottage home design that best fits its respective lot and neighboring homes.

To help you keep track of your favorite designs, we have broken down the availability of the remaining home designs.

  • The Betty Sue and Betty Rose, Inglenook’s single-story cottage homes, have SOLD OUT.
  • The Coho, Inglenook’s two-bedroom, two-story cottage home, has a few remaining home sites left.
  • The Ellis is one of Ross Chapin’s three-bedroom cottage-style homes.  This three-bedroom home brings the outdoors in with a front porch that spans with the width of the home.  There is only ONE Ellis left within the Inglenook pocket neighborhood.  You can view a virtual tour of the move-in-ready Ellis here. > 
  • The Iris is Ross Chapin’s newest three-bedroom cottage home design and is making its debut at Inglenook.  This home offers cottage character with flexible design.  There are a few Inglenook home sites for the Iris that remain.
  • The Madison is the largest in square footage of Inglenook’s cottage homes.  TWO Madison home sites remain.
  • The Madrona is Ross Chapin’s three-bedroom home complete with a storage loft and private office.  ONE Madrona home site remains.
  • Last, but not least, the Plumrose is Inglenook’s three- or four- bedroom Ross Chapin home design.  We have ONE Inglenook home site and ONE move-in-ready Plumrose available.

View the latest Inglenook site plan >

View the move-in-ready homes >

If you had your heart set on a Betty, don’t be too sad, Casey Land, from Land Development and Building, can build a cottage home similar to those at Inglenook on your own property. He’ll help walk you through the process of selecting the right lot and the construction of your new home.  To set up a private meeting with Casey to talk cottages contact him via email at or via phone at 317.442.7773.

To schedule a private tour of Inglenook or to speak with someone on the Inglenook team please contact us at 317.767.9760 or via email at  Our sales office is open Wednesday-Friday, 2-6PM and Saturday-Sunday, 1-4PM.

Social Value Of A Pocket Neighborhood

Social Value Of A Pocket Neighborhood

A Pocket Neighborhood is designed to be social.  At Inglenook, custom-built cottage homes are threaded together by community green spaces and pedestrian walkways, making our pocket neighborhood both intimate and connected.


Social life begins with Inglenook’s room-sized front porches.  Front porches are more than a decorative entry.  They function as another room, act as a warm welcome for passersby, and are made for everyday living.  One of our homeowners says it best: “My front porch has to be my favorite place. The front porch from where I can watch my little one play, where I like having dinner, relaxing, and meeting the neighbors.”


The friendly front porches spill out into wide-open green space, a welcome alternative to secluded backyards.  The greens are a place for daily interactions with neighbors, a place for running, chatting, and playing.  The green space gives homeowners the convenience and security of community living with the benefits of a single-family home.  Stop by Inglenook and experience the difference for yourself.  Chances are one of the neighbors will invite you in for a cup of tea or a personal tour of their home.

The Inglenook sales office is open Wednesday-Friday, 2-6PM and Saturday-Sunday, 1-4PM.  To schedule a private tour please contact us at 317.767.9760 or via email at

See you soon!