Inglenook's Newest Listing: The Iris Cottage Home

Inglenook's Model Iris Home Is On The Market

With nearly all twenty-seven Inglenook homes sold and twelve custom Inglenook cottages springing up, we turn our eyes to the Iris – Inglenook’s newest model home and Ross Chapin Architects' newest design.  Casey and team have just added some finishing touches and the Iris is now on the market!  Here’s a sneak preview of this three-bedroom cottage to call home.

The model Iris is located in home site #13, nestled along the community green space. This particular Iris is outfitted with a full-sized front porch extending the width of the home.  It’s the perfect size for family dinners, friendly conversation, and room for relaxation.  Inside the comfort and beauty continue with an open floor plan, enormous windows, cozy built-ins and quiet bedroom retreats.

We have one final step remaining - laying down the land :)

You can view a virtual tour of a similar Inglenook Iris cottage home here.  The price of the Iris cottage home is $345,452.   

View the Iris Listing here>

View the Inglenook Site Plan here>.

Stop by for a private tour of Inglenook pocket neighborhood and check out the latest Inglenook Iris home for yourself.  Our sales office is open Wednesday-Friday, 1-5PM and Saturday-Sunday, 1-4PM.  To schedule a private tour email us at or call us at 317.767.9760.

See you soon!

New Year, New Betty Sue at Inglenook

New Year, New Betty!

Back by popular demand, we have added one final Betty Sue to the Inglenook neighborhood plan!

New Ranch Home for Sale in Carmel IN


The Betty Sue is one of our beloved two-bedroom Ross Chapin cottage-style homes.  This ranch cottage home makes the most of every inch, accommodating all of your living needs on a single floor.  With a focus on family and community the open floor plan provides a great space for entertaining, dining, and living.  High ceilings and numerous large windows create a bright and roomy space.  Smart built-ins are strategically placed throughout the home to provide friendly ways to store favorite pictures, books, and everyday used items. 



The final, final Betty Sue will be built on Home site #7 and will additionally feature an unfinished basement with egress windows, a built-in fireplace, and an added two feet of extra living space in the living, kitchen, and basement! 


The first Betty Sue sold before framing even began.  Framing for this Betty Sue begins in February!  To learn more or to tour the existing Betty Sue contact us at or 317.767.9760. The Inglenook sales office is open Wednesday-Friday, 1-5PM and Saturday-Sunday, 1-4PM. 

Car-Free And Carefree Community

Car-Free And Carefree Community

Driving into Inglenook’s pocket neighborhood you’ll immediately notice that this isn’t your typical Carmel neighborhood!  The differences go beyond Inglenook’s cottage-style homes and big front porches to the physical design of the neighborhood itself.

Unlike most neighborhoods, Inglenook was designed for pedestrians, not cars. In place of wide, busy streets where cars buzz past, Inglenook has placed a quiet narrow street with guest parking along the outskirts.  Guests are warmly welcomed into the community with pedestrian friendly walkways and lush green spaces wrapped with native flowers instead of oversized garage doors.

Designing a neighborhood for families rather than cars cuts down on traffic and noise and heightens neighborhood safety for kids, pets, and adults.  Being car-free and carefree is just another little thing that sets Inglenook a part from the rest.

The next time you drive through a neighborhood take a minute to observe more than the house; be sure to look at the entirety of the neighborhood and all that it has to offer.

To schedule a private tour at Inglenook email us at or call us at 317.767.9760.  The Sales Office is open Wednesday-Friday, 2-6PM and Saturday-Sunday, 1-4PM.

Building a New Home At Inglenook Carmel

Building a New Home At Inglenook Carmel

When you do an internet search for “building a new home in Carmel,” you are bombarded by over 2 million search results.  Digging through the countless pages of content can make the building process seem like an insurmountable task. We’ve broken the process down into 4 steps to help you find the right builder and the right house – whoever and whatever it may be.

1. Selecting A Builder – Selecting the right builder is a key step in the process.  Meeting your builder face-to-face is essential.  When you work with Inglenook’s builder, Casey Land of Land Development & Building, you will have a chance to meet him, ask him questions, etc.  Heck, he may even be the one to give you a tour around the homes!  Casey puts his love and sweat into every home he builds at Inglenook and elsewhere.  His attention to detail is evident upon first meeting him – just ask our residents:

“For me, Inglenook is perfect for my lifestyle. It’s low maintenance and I have particular tastes when it comes to design and quality. The main reason I bought at Inglenook was because I really liked Casey, Inglenook’s builder. The first time I met him I could tell he wasn’t just another cookie-cutter builder and I could see he had the same attention to detail as a builder that I had as a buyer.”

 2.  Finding The Perfect Spot - In some cases you might already have a great plot of land, or perhaps you’re just now looking.  In either case, be sure to loop your builder into the selection of finding the ideal home site.  Whether it’s in a new neighborhood like Inglenook of Carmel or a separate lot, our builder, Casey, advises on which home site best fits different types of homes.  Casey will also point out if there are advantages to one location versus another.  The advantages and disadvantages a builder is able to point out aren’t the obvious location questions we tend to ask ourselves.

3.  Which House - At its core the design of a home should represent your lifestyle and all that you and your family do on a daily basis.  It should make life easier, not harder.  When you stand in a model home or look at floor plans, don’t just look at the size of the space, deciding where to put what.  Try to envision yourself doing daily tasks like the laundry or making a family dinner.  Seeing yourself living in the space will help you narrow down which house is the best fit.  If you’re building, being able to add a window here or put in a double door there makes all the difference into how you’ll live in the space.  At Inglenook, Casey works hand-in-hand with homeowners to build to specific needs.  This flexibility is the difference in working directly with a builder who is invested in your house versus buying a spec home from factory builders.

4.  Defined Process - From start to finish your builder should outline all of the decisions that need to be made down to the knobs on your doors.  Having a defined process helps move things along and allows you to decide the finishes you care most about.  While this seems like an obvious step, it’s a step that bigger builders often miss as they churn through houses on the production line.

In the end you want to find a builder and a house that you can come home to.  When you’re looking for a builder ask yourself this: “Would you want to introduce him/her to your parents?”  That question always works in the dating world, and still applies here.

To meet Inglenook’s builder, Casey Land, stop by Inglenook for a tour or schedule a private meeting.  Our sales office is open Wednesday-Friday, 2-6PM and Saturday-Sunday, 1-4PM.  Contact us at or 317.767.9760.

Building on Your Own Lot

We’ve had a number of folks come by and ask about building a cottage home similar to those at Inglenook on their own property.  We’re here to help!  Casey, our builder, is the man to talk to!  He’ll help walk you through the process of selecting the right lot and the construction of your new home.  To set up a private meeting with Casey email him at or reach him via phone at 317.442.7773.

Inglenook Sets The Pace For Sustainable Living In Carmel, IN

Inglenook Sets The Pace For Sustainable Living In Carmel, IN

At Inglenook we pride ourselves in being leaders in the building industry.  As the first and only pocket neighborhood in Indiana, our innovative and sustainable thinking is applied beyond Inglenook’s neighborhood design to the details that weave the community together.

Our community uses land efficiently, leaving a smaller geographic footprint than the typical neighborhood development.  Rain gardens, which wrap around the community greens, reuse storm runoff to beautify the neighborhood.  Inside our cottage-style homes, space-saving design and energy-efficient appliances make everyday living easier and greener.

A recent article published in Best In American Living heralds Inglenook’s leadership in implementing its eco-friendly stormwater management system.  Our Low Impact Development system exceeds Carmel’s current standards and requirements and serves as a model for others to follow in the future.

Read the entire article here>

To find out more about Inglenook’s green living features please email us at or call us at 317.767.9760.  We would love to invite you out for a private tour of the community.  Our sales office is open Wednesday-Friday, 2-6PM and Saturday-Sunday, 1-4PM.

The Perfect Sized New Home

The Perfect Sized New Home

In the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, the first bed is too big, the second is too small, but the third is just right.  The same can be said when shopping for homes.  Too big of a home can leave you feeling secluded and overwhelmed with a “honey-do list” a mile long.  If the home is too small, you’re left feeling cramped and eye-to-eye with your neighbors.  Finding the perfect home that’s just the right size—not too big, not too small—blends the benefits of a single-family home (privacy, gardens, and storage) with the convenience of community living (minimal maintenance and instant friends).  Our pocket neighborhood is just that—an instant community that brings neighbors together naturally, balances personal and social space, and offers custom home designs to fit your family.

Unlike most Carmel developments with hundreds of houses, Inglenook’s pocket neighborhood features a sensible number of twenty-seven households, nestled together in groups of three to eight.  Keeping the number of houses low and situating them together around communal green spaces fosters a sense of community and daily interaction amongst residents.  Residents become more than neighbors; they look after one another as friends.

The community green space serves as a public space for neighbors to mingle, kids to play, and pets to romp.  Yet homeowners maintain their privacy through the placement of several natural barriers between public space and private property—a pedestrian-friendly sidewalk, native gardens, a low fence, residents’ personal garden beds, and finally the room-sized, covered front porches.  As you move closer and closer to the home, each layer of space moves from communal to personal.

Several design elements within Inglenook’s cottage homes also help preserve the privacy of each resident.  Using a term our architect, Ross Chapin, refers to as “nesting,” the “open” side of one house faces the “closed” side of the next.  While the number of windows is plentiful and their size is grand, “nesting” the homes together gives residents an added layer of privacy.  Furthermore, each home is designed so that the living spaces (living, kitchen, and dining) are located in the front of the home overlooking the community green space.  The private spaces (bedrooms, bathrooms, and offices) are located in rear and on the second floor of the home to ensure added privacy and restful naps.

If you’re feeling a bit like Goldilocks, stop by and see what Inglenook has to offer—it might be just right for you and yours.

To schedule a private tour of Inglenook please contact us at 317.767.9760 via email at  Our sales office is open Wednesday-Friday, 2-6PM and Saturday-Sunday, 1-4PM.

Featured Home: The Coho Cottage by Ross Chapin at Inglenook

Featured Home: The Coho Cottage by Ross Chapin at Inglenook

Thoughtful planning and beautifully detailed design are at the heart of Ross Chapin’s two-bedroom Coho cottage home.  Like Inglenook’s other homes, the Coho possesses all of the unique features that are Ross Chapin’s signature:  smart living design, an open floor plan, a large front porch, numerous windows, and custom built-ins.

Smart, Open Design Inside

In the Coho, communal spaces for cooking, eating, and living together are designed in an open layout to maximize function and form.  Whether you’re hosting a cocktail party, making dinner after a busy day, or relaxing on lazy Saturday afternoon, the open floor plan provides great spaces for friends and family to gather.  Beautiful cathedral ceilings, finely crafted woodwork, and numerous large windows complement the Coho’s main floor, making it spacious, warm, and bright.

Room-sized Front Porches Encourage Community

The deep, room-sized front porch offers another comfortable space to gather or unwind.  A seamless extension of the main living space, the porch brings the inside out and provides natural opportunities to mingle with neighbors or enjoy the peaceful outdoors.  The value of the front porch is best described by Claire–“(The front porch) is where I can watch my little one play, where I like having dinner, relaxing, and meeting the neighbors. It will be even better when the swing is up!”  We think this about sums it up!  The front porches are covered and roomy, providing you with the ideal space to enjoy a cup of coffee and the newspaper.

View The Coho Virtual Tour >

View The Coho Photo Gallery > 

A Custom Fit versus Condo Life and Production Housing

Inglenook offers those looking to downsize all the benefits of living in a community without the sacrifices. We’re not churning out houses on a cookie-cutter production line, we’re building quality homes to fit your lifestyle.

When you decide to build a custom home at Inglenook, we work with you, guiding you through the building process. We will discuss layouts, flooring, paint colors, and more along the way. Together we will build a home to love that is a reflection of you.

Whether you’re interested in building a custom home or looking for a move-in ready home Inglenook has a home for you.

View Inglenook Site Map > 

View Inglenook’s Move-In Ready Homes> 

We have recently started construction on a Coho in home site #14.  Stop by today to tour the Inglenook community and check out the beginnings of the Coho.  The Inglenook sales office is open Wednesday-Friday, 2-6PM and Saturday-Sunday, 1-4PM.  To schedule a private tour please contact us at 317.767.9760 or via email at

Only 8 Cottage Home Sites Still Available at Inglenook of Carmel

Only 8 Cottage Home Sites Still Available at Inglenook of Carmel

Building a neighborhood is more than just constructing houses and streets; it’s about creating a community of homes.   We are excited to announce that Inglenook’s cozy community is almost full!  We have officially sold out of Ross Chapin’s Betty Rose and Betty Sue cottage home designs.

This leaves eight Inglenook home sites and two move-in-ready cottage-style homes still available.  From the details in the homes to the design of the whole neighborhood, Inglenook is thoughtfully planned.  Each of the remaining home sites has a specific cottage home design that best fits its respective lot and neighboring homes.

To help you keep track of your favorite designs, we have broken down the availability of the remaining home designs.

  • The Betty Sue and Betty Rose, Inglenook’s single-story cottage homes, have SOLD OUT.
  • The Coho, Inglenook’s two-bedroom, two-story cottage home, has a few remaining home sites left.
  • The Ellis is one of Ross Chapin’s three-bedroom cottage-style homes.  This three-bedroom home brings the outdoors in with a front porch that spans with the width of the home.  There is only ONE Ellis left within the Inglenook pocket neighborhood.  You can view a virtual tour of the move-in-ready Ellis here. > 
  • The Iris is Ross Chapin’s newest three-bedroom cottage home design and is making its debut at Inglenook.  This home offers cottage character with flexible design.  There are a few Inglenook home sites for the Iris that remain.
  • The Madison is the largest in square footage of Inglenook’s cottage homes.  TWO Madison home sites remain.
  • The Madrona is Ross Chapin’s three-bedroom home complete with a storage loft and private office.  ONE Madrona home site remains.
  • Last, but not least, the Plumrose is Inglenook’s three- or four- bedroom Ross Chapin home design.  We have ONE Inglenook home site and ONE move-in-ready Plumrose available.

View the latest Inglenook site plan >

View the move-in-ready homes >

If you had your heart set on a Betty, don’t be too sad, Casey Land, from Land Development and Building, can build a cottage home similar to those at Inglenook on your own property. He’ll help walk you through the process of selecting the right lot and the construction of your new home.  To set up a private meeting with Casey to talk cottages contact him via email at or via phone at 317.442.7773.

To schedule a private tour of Inglenook or to speak with someone on the Inglenook team please contact us at 317.767.9760 or via email at  Our sales office is open Wednesday-Friday, 2-6PM and Saturday-Sunday, 1-4PM.

Dog-friendly Carmel Neighborhood

Dog-Friendly Carmel Neighborhood

In honor of National Dog Day we wanted to give a shout out to our favorite four-legged friends.  As a pet-friendly Carmel neighborhood, Inglenook strives to build homes that work for your entire family, including Fido.

Unlike most Carmel neighborhoods, the Inglenook community is designed for people, not cars.  So when your furry friend needs a walk you don’t have to worry about busy streets with cars buzzing in and out.  With community courtyards at the heart of the neighborhood, green space for Fido is easy to come by—just walk outside your front door.

If you’re looking for extra special space for your dog talk to our builder, Casey Land, about fencing in your side yard.   It’s just another way to make your buddy feel at home.

And of course, easy access to Carmel parks and the Monon Trail provide another outlet for those high-energy days!

If you have any additional questions about pets and/or Inglenook please email us at or give us a call at 317.767.9760.  Next time you come over bring your friend too and see what they think.  Our sales office is open Wednesday-Friday, 2-6PM and Saturday-Sunday, 1-4PM.

What Makes A Ross Chapin Home

What Makes A Ross Chapin Home

Did you know that professional architects don’t design most of the new homes for sale in Carmel and the Indianapolis area?  Here at Inglenook, on the other hand, award-winning architect Ross Chapin designs our cottage-style homes.  His design is more than a signature; it’s a way of living, and it begins at the front door.

Approachable Design:

Typical Carmel homes are oversized brick fortresses with garage doors “welcoming” guests and friends to your abode.  Ross Chapin’s Inglenook homes are just the opposite.  Instead of building moats around our homes, room-sized front porches warmly greet passers-by and serve as the quintessential elements of our cottage homes.  They act as outdoor extensions of the living space, adding to the approachability of our homes.

Light Streams Inside:

Lighting is a fundamental element that makes a home feel warm and cozy.  Ross Chapin’s Inglenook homes have larger windows and more of them than you’ll see in similarly sized houses.  Topping off the sheer size and volume of windows is their specific placement.  In our cottage homes, windows are placed strategically to reflect the light, making it lighter and brighter all around.  Count the number of windows in your current home.  Keep this number in mind when you visit new homes in Carmel or wherever else you’re looking.

Smart Use Of Space:

In a Ross Chapin Inglenook home, there is no wasted space.  Our builder, Casey Land of Land Development and Building, tells our homeowners, “You’ll live in 100% of your home.”  Ross Chapin designs out all of the wasted space and builds in smart space-saving design and storage.  Cozy custom built-ins surprise and delight throughout the home, providing you with special places to display family pictures or treasures and convenient storage for your everyday things.

Vibrant Community:

Inglenook is a one-of-a-kind pocket neighborhood with pedestrian-friendly walkways, beautiful common green space, and lush rain gardens.  Inviting courtyards welcome visitors rather than busy streets.  These courtyards provide a space where neighbors mingle, kids play, and friends gather.  As Ross Chapin’s only pocket neighborhood in the entire Midwest, Inglenook stands apart.  As you drive through neighborhoods to find the fit that’s right for you and yours, look beyond the house to where you will walk, children will run, and dogs will play.

View Pictures of our Inglenook community >

Experience a close-knit community like no other.  To schedule a private tour of Inglenook’s homes and neighborhood call us at 317.767.9760 or email us at  Our sales office is open Wednesday-Friday, 2-6PM and Saturday-Sunday, 1-4PM.