Pocket Neighborhoods – Small Scale Communities In A Big World

Pocket Neighborhoods – Small Scale Communities In A Big World

Today’s hustle and bustle starts when you wake up and buzzes on throughout your day as you commute to work, drop the kids off here and there, and run about. All of this busyness has people wanting to hit pause, stop, and, well, smell the roses. There’s a longing for a real sense of community--a want for a community that goes beyond rows of houses and streets that string them all together. There’s a want for a neighborhood where you actually know your neighbors. If this desire sounds familiar, a pocket neighborhood might just be right up your alley (pun intended). Pocket neighborhoods are called just that because they are tucked away from the busy world, creating a special space for a vibrant community.

THE RIGHT SIZE COMMUNITY A pocket neighborhood, like Inglenook of Carmel, is designed at a much smaller scale than your typical Carmel, Indiana, neighborhood. At Inglenook we have strategically nestled pockets of four to eight homes together – not too few, and not too many. Inglenook’s design allows for natural neighborly interactions on a daily basis, facilitating meaningful long-term relationships.

SHARED OUTDOOR SPACE At the heart of Inglenook’s neighborhood design is shared outdoor space. Instead of facing the street like houses in a typical Carmel neighborhood, Inglenook’s homes face open green space where kids play, friends gather, and pets romp.

LIVING IN A SMALL SCALE COMMUNITY Inglenook isn’t just about the square footage of the home and the outdoor space. More importantly it's about the neighborly love and support that grows within it. Here, neighbors help one another out, not just as neighbors, but as friends and family. We invite you to join the Inglenook family.

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