What Makes A Ross Chapin Home

What Makes A Ross Chapin Home

Did you know that professional architects don’t design most of the new homes for sale in Carmel and the Indianapolis area?  Here at Inglenook, on the other hand, award-winning architect Ross Chapin designs our cottage-style homes.  His design is more than a signature; it’s a way of living, and it begins at the front door.

Approachable Design:

Typical Carmel homes are oversized brick fortresses with garage doors “welcoming” guests and friends to your abode.  Ross Chapin’s Inglenook homes are just the opposite.  Instead of building moats around our homes, room-sized front porches warmly greet passers-by and serve as the quintessential elements of our cottage homes.  They act as outdoor extensions of the living space, adding to the approachability of our homes.

Light Streams Inside:

Lighting is a fundamental element that makes a home feel warm and cozy.  Ross Chapin’s Inglenook homes have larger windows and more of them than you’ll see in similarly sized houses.  Topping off the sheer size and volume of windows is their specific placement.  In our cottage homes, windows are placed strategically to reflect the light, making it lighter and brighter all around.  Count the number of windows in your current home.  Keep this number in mind when you visit new homes in Carmel or wherever else you’re looking.

Smart Use Of Space:

In a Ross Chapin Inglenook home, there is no wasted space.  Our builder, Casey Land of Land Development and Building, tells our homeowners, “You’ll live in 100% of your home.”  Ross Chapin designs out all of the wasted space and builds in smart space-saving design and storage.  Cozy custom built-ins surprise and delight throughout the home, providing you with special places to display family pictures or treasures and convenient storage for your everyday things.

Vibrant Community:

Inglenook is a one-of-a-kind pocket neighborhood with pedestrian-friendly walkways, beautiful common green space, and lush rain gardens.  Inviting courtyards welcome visitors rather than busy streets.  These courtyards provide a space where neighbors mingle, kids play, and friends gather.  As Ross Chapin’s only pocket neighborhood in the entire Midwest, Inglenook stands apart.  As you drive through neighborhoods to find the fit that’s right for you and yours, look beyond the house to where you will walk, children will run, and dogs will play.

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Experience a close-knit community like no other.  To schedule a private tour of Inglenook’s homes and neighborhood call us at 317.767.9760 or email us at inglenookcarmel@gmail.com.  Our sales office is open Wednesday-Friday, 2-6PM and Saturday-Sunday, 1-4PM.