Front Porch Cottage-Style Living

Front Porch Cottage-Style Living

These days most houses greet friends and neighbors with an overpowering garage door.  It doesn’t exactly scream, “Come on in!”  At Inglenook, room-sized front porches are the quintessential welcome mats to our cottage-style homes.

Front porches greet neighbors and visitors who pass by.  They serve as an outdoor extension of your living space, giving you a peaceful spot to relax and enjoy a cup of tea or a place to gather with friends and family.  The possibilities for a front porch are endless.

Here are a few ways our residents like to use their front porches.

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1)   Family dinners – There’s nothing better than gathering the family to sit down for a meal outside while the weather’s nice.  Adding a curtain treatment to one side provides extra shade and privacy.

2)   Front Porch Swinging – Simply hanging a swing gives you a relaxing spot to unwind at the end of the day.

3)   Herb Garden or more – With big flower boxes attached to front and sides of cottage home front porches and private garden space just beyond it’s easy to add your personal touch.  Plant an herb garden or tomato plant or a simple bed of beautiful flowers and watch them grow.

4)   Play Space – Enjoy watching the kids play on the porch and spill over into the greenbelt for a game of catch.

5)   Morning Coffee and Paper – Reading the paper either virtually or otherwise requires a peaceful spot to call your own.  Find this and more on a cottage home front porch.

We invite you to come out to find your perfect front porch!  The sales office is open Wednesday-Friday, 2-6PM and Saturday-Sunday, 1-4PM.  To schedule a private tour please email us at or call us at 317.767.9760.