Rethinking What Makes A Home

Rethinking What Makes A Home

If you flip through the newspaper or look up listings online, you’ll be inundated with numbers – the number of rooms, the number of bathrooms, the number of square feet, etc.  Numbers have become the ultimate definition of today’s house.  At Inglenook, we would like to challenge the “bigger is better” notion.  We believe it’s not the quantity of a house that makes a great home, but rather the quality of living within.

The flow of the rooms, the ease of living, and maximization of space—all of these elements connect and contribute to what our builder, Casey, would call the “framework” of a great home.

When we talk about flow of the rooms, we’re not only talking about being able to carry on a conversation while one of you is in the kitchen and the other is in the living room.  We’re also talking about the physical flow of the rooms and their placement.  At Inglenook, our homes are designed so that active spaces (i.e., living, dining, kitchen) are located in the front of the home overlooking the community greens.  The passive spaces (the bedrooms, offices, and bathrooms) are given more appropriate, private locations in the rear of the home and on the second floor.

This strategic location of rooms also plays into the ease of living.  We have thoughtfully placed every room—even down to the best place to put the laundry room—to ensure that daily tasks are made that much easier.

Maximizing space is another key element of building for living.  Cottage-style homes are designed to utilize every square inch of space.  As Casey says, “You live in 100% of your house.”  There’s a place for everything.   Built-in bookshelves, nooks, and trellises surprise and delight around every corner, providing decorative and useful design.

These are just three of the many things that make living in an Inglenook home stand apart.  If you still want to play the numbers game stop by and count our windows.  You’ll be here for awhile. :)