Cottage Homes: Character that's built in

Built-ins come hand-in-hand with Inglenook Cottage Homes and architect Ross Chapin.  Built-ins provide comfort, charm, and functionality to the basic framework of a home.  We often get the question, “Where should we put a built-in?”  The answer is quite simply – anywhere you want!

Built-ins come in all shapes and sizes and can be put in almost any room of a home.  Here’s a rundown of some of our favorite spots for built-ins in Inglenook Cottage Homes.

  • The Kitchen – The value and functionality kitchen built-ins provide is unmatched, and the possibilities are endless.  Built-in shelves added to a kitchen island keep your favorite recipes books at an arm’s reach.  Open shelving lightens a room and serves as the perfect spot to display colorful coffee cups and dinnerware.  Trellis built-ins define a space, while adding personality and functionality.

  •  Hallways and Stairways – A built-in bookshelf or reading nook in a hallway or stairway provides a cozy, quiet space to snuggle in with a good book.  A built-in in a stairway or hallway also adds functionality and interest to an otherwise underutilized space.
  • Dining/Kitchen Nook – A built-in breakfast nook provides a comfortably cozy spot to gather, while doubling as storage. It serves as a place for the family to gather and eat, kids to do homework, or grown-ups to simply enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning. 
  • Living Room – Often the first spot built-ins are employed is the living room – bookshelves of all kinds house treasures, pictures, and books.

  • Mudroom –  One of the hardest working rooms in the house is the mudroom.  Comings and goings, laundry, and more – it’s important to maximize the functionality of this space.  Add lockers, shelving, or even a spot for the dog. 

A well-placed built-in adds functionality to everyday living, no matter where you decided to put it.  When you enter a well-designed home, keep an eye out for a built-in, chances are it’s only an arm’s reach away.

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