Front Porches with a Purpose

Cottage Homes are known for their welcoming front porches that greet neighbors and friends alike. Front porches are great places to enjoy a family meal, savor a morning cup of Coffee, or catch up with neighbors. Making those everyday experiences happen is in the details of the porch design. These small design elements often go unnoticed, but have a huge impact on how you experience the space.

Here are three key elements that go into porch design:

1.    ROOM SIZED – The size of the porch dictates its usefulness.  The front porch should feel open and large enough to live in.  It is, in the simplest terms, an extension of the living space.  

2.    PERFECT PERCH - The right height for a porch rail is just about the perfect height for perching a cup of coffee while sitting down. When railings are too high views are blocked and the space itself begins to feel closed-in rather than open.  Too low and you lose the added layer of privacy and separation.  

3.    PRIVACY – Porches are the perfect blend of private and public space.  As an extension of the home it serves as an outdoor living space while also being accessible to friends and neighbors passing by. The height above the garden and pathways along with the railing itself add to the level of privacy.

At Inglenook we believe that a great front porch serves a vital purpose in the home and builds important neighborly connections.  Stop by the Plumrose on homesite #16 on Sundays from 1-4PM to tour the neighborhood and enjoy a seat on the front porch.

To schedule a private tour please contact the Inglenook office at 317-767-9760 or reach our sales team directly at 317-348-1358or via email at