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Inglenook Cottage Homes

When Loic and Claire relocated their family of six to Carmel, Indiana from North Carolina they were looking for a community they could call home.   A community where their kids could safely play, neighborly friendships could be made, and their family could flourish. 


Why did you decide to live in an Inglenook Pocket Neighborhood? 

Loic: After living in older houses, we were tempted by living in a newer house. But we didn't want one of these huge 4000-sq. ft. houses with no character in anonymous neighborhoods. I also didn't want a house where all you can see when you arrive in front of it is its garage. We didn't particularly want a huge yard either as long as there was a nice space for the kids to play. And we were looking for an open space floor plan.

Also, natural light is very important to us, as well as good insulation, and quality of building. Inglenook offers all that! 

Inglenook Cottage Homes

How would you describe Inglenook to a friend?

Loic: Cute houses of good quality and with lots of light. There are two rows of houses with no access to cars in between but a common space where the kids can play safely. The garage is accessed through the back of the house.  Soon after we moved in we had friends visit from North Carolina, and one said, "This is very unique!" 

Inglenook Cottage Homes

What is your favorite room in your Cottage Home?

Claire: The front porch from where I can watch my little one play, where I like having dinner, relaxing, and meeting the neighbors.

Loic: The first floor open space (kitchen/dining area/living room) with all its beautiful natural light. When the weather is nice, if you open all the windows, you feel like you are in a screened porch.

Inglenook Cottage Homes

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