A Word From Inglenook Homeowners

A note from Inglenook Cottage Homes’ first homeowner:

“I cannot say enough good things about Casey Land and Land Development. I bought the first house in Inglenook and Casey and I went through the trials and headaches of a new community build together. He built me a quality house far above my expectations and was delightful to work with. I had trepidation about building a house and putting some money into it that I inherited from my Dad because he was a stickler for solid construction and constructed a home for him and my Mother when he was 72 year old. (Notice I say he built it, NOT that he had someone build it.) He said he had to build the house himself because houses "just aren't being constructed well any more. " When my house was nearing completion, I told Casey I did not have to worry about putting dad's money into my house because had Dad known Casey and watched the construction of my house, Dad would have changed his mind about houses not being solidly constructed any more. I LOVE my house, it is performing well years into ownership and Casey is now a cherished friend that I would have my house all over again.” Rosemary Fowler, Inglenook of Carmel

Thanks for the spreading the love Rosemary.  The feelings are mutual.

Come find your home at Inglenook today.  Cottage homes are open Sunday, 1-4PM.  For a private showing please email us info@landdevelopbuild.com