Four Differences A Pocket Neighborhood Brings

Four Differences A Pocket Neighborhood Brings

Pocket neighborhoods are not your typical neighborhoods. The difference is apparent the moment you drive into one. There’s a quality and magic that exudes from their residents and a warm welcome from their neighborhood design. But what brings about that warm and fuzzy feeling?   It’s a simple recipe that’s, well, magical. Here are four magic beans from that very recipe:

  1. Welcoming green spaces and flower-lined walkways warmly greet visitors and friends. A breath of fresh air compared to the norm – ordinary garages and clunky driveways.

  2. Beyond the grassy greens, sprawling porches extend welcoming hands to the front door. Porches play an essential role in pocket neighborhood life bringing the inside out and providing a social space to relax and mingle with neighbors and friends.

  3. Instead of hundreds of big block homes cloned up and down a street, pocket neighborhoods feature comfortable cottage-style homes nestled around green spaces. Each home is unique down to the exterior paint color and cottage name.

  4. In today’s age neighbors are often just people you live near. By design, pocket neighborhoods foster relationships. Whether it’s walking your dog or simply sitting on the front porch, you’ll quickly find that these small daily interactions with your neighbors bring you closer together and build lasting relationships.

If these beans sounds like your kind of recipe, our pocket neighborhood might be the perfect fit for you.  

To experience the magic first-hand stop by for a private tour. Our sales office is open Wednesday-Friday, 1-5PM and Saturday-Sunday, 1-4PM. To schedule a private tour please contact us at or via phone at 317.767.9760.