How To Look For Smart Design In A Home

How To Look For Smart Design In A Home

Sunday is football day, which means you and yours will be enjoying Peyton Manning’s laser rocket arm from the comfort of the living room.  Whether you’re doing the entertaining or planned to be entertained, take a moment to think about the ease of entertaining.

The flow of the rooms, the ease of living, and maximization of space—all of these elements connect and contribute to what our builder, Casey, would call the “framework” of a great home.

When looking at the flow of a home, think about carrying on a conversation while one of you is in the kitchen and the other is in the living room.  Also take a look at the physical flow of the rooms and their placement.  Active spaces (i.e., living, dining, kitchen) should be located in the front of the home where the majority of living takes place.  The passive spaces (the bedrooms, offices, and bathrooms) should have more appropriate, private locations in the rear of the home and on the second floor.

Smart design is what allows the lively crowd to cheer on Manning loudly while others enjoy a little peace and quiet or a mid-game nap. 

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