Smarter Living

Smarter Living

For a long time the bigger the house the better, however that notion of bigger is better is long in the past. For sometime now, architects have been working to build houses for the way we live, what we actually need, and cut out the wasted space. This big idea is built around smarter, not bigger living.

Here are a few reasons that make smarter living just good sense.

  1. Quality versus quantity. When money is not wasted on unused space it can be put to use in the quality of materials (thicker doors, better windows, and better insulation) and quality of design.

  2. More efficient living. Simply put, more quality build and less square footage cuts down energy bills.

  3. Designed for life. Renowned architect Ross Chapin designs the homes at Inglenook. Ross Chapin thoughtfully plans where every room, staircase, and built-in goes so that everyday living is maximized to its fullest.

  4. Smaller footprint on the environment. Smaller size and better materials have a lower environmental impact.

Stop by this Sunday, May 31st to experience smarter living first hand. The sales office will be open 1-4PM. To schedule a private tour please contact us at 317.767.9760 or at

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