Building a New Home At Inglenook Carmel

Building a New Home At Inglenook Carmel

When you do an internet search for “building a new home in Carmel,” you are bombarded by over 2 million search results.  Digging through the countless pages of content can make the building process seem like an insurmountable task. We’ve broken the process down into 4 steps to help you find the right builder and the right house – whoever and whatever it may be.

1. Selecting A Builder – Selecting the right builder is a key step in the process.  Meeting your builder face-to-face is essential.  When you work with Inglenook’s builder, Casey Land of Land Development & Building, you will have a chance to meet him, ask him questions, etc.  Heck, he may even be the one to give you a tour around the homes!  Casey puts his love and sweat into every home he builds at Inglenook and elsewhere.  His attention to detail is evident upon first meeting him – just ask our residents:

“For me, Inglenook is perfect for my lifestyle. It’s low maintenance and I have particular tastes when it comes to design and quality. The main reason I bought at Inglenook was because I really liked Casey, Inglenook’s builder. The first time I met him I could tell he wasn’t just another cookie-cutter builder and I could see he had the same attention to detail as a builder that I had as a buyer.”

 2.  Finding The Perfect Spot - In some cases you might already have a great plot of land, or perhaps you’re just now looking.  In either case, be sure to loop your builder into the selection of finding the ideal home site.  Whether it’s in a new neighborhood like Inglenook of Carmel or a separate lot, our builder, Casey, advises on which home site best fits different types of homes.  Casey will also point out if there are advantages to one location versus another.  The advantages and disadvantages a builder is able to point out aren’t the obvious location questions we tend to ask ourselves.

3.  Which House - At its core the design of a home should represent your lifestyle and all that you and your family do on a daily basis.  It should make life easier, not harder.  When you stand in a model home or look at floor plans, don’t just look at the size of the space, deciding where to put what.  Try to envision yourself doing daily tasks like the laundry or making a family dinner.  Seeing yourself living in the space will help you narrow down which house is the best fit.  If you’re building, being able to add a window here or put in a double door there makes all the difference into how you’ll live in the space.  At Inglenook, Casey works hand-in-hand with homeowners to build to specific needs.  This flexibility is the difference in working directly with a builder who is invested in your house versus buying a spec home from factory builders.

4.  Defined Process - From start to finish your builder should outline all of the decisions that need to be made down to the knobs on your doors.  Having a defined process helps move things along and allows you to decide the finishes you care most about.  While this seems like an obvious step, it’s a step that bigger builders often miss as they churn through houses on the production line.

In the end you want to find a builder and a house that you can come home to.  When you’re looking for a builder ask yourself this: “Would you want to introduce him/her to your parents?”  That question always works in the dating world, and still applies here.

To meet Inglenook’s builder, Casey Land, stop by Inglenook for a tour or schedule a private meeting.  Our sales office is open Wednesday-Friday, 2-6PM and Saturday-Sunday, 1-4PM.  Contact us at or 317.767.9760.

Building on Your Own Lot

We’ve had a number of folks come by and ask about building a cottage home similar to those at Inglenook on their own property.  We’re here to help!  Casey, our builder, is the man to talk to!  He’ll help walk you through the process of selecting the right lot and the construction of your new home.  To set up a private meeting with Casey email him at or reach him via phone at 317.442.7773.