The Perfect Sized New Home

The Perfect Sized New Home

In the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, the first bed is too big, the second is too small, but the third is just right.  The same can be said when shopping for homes.  Too big of a home can leave you feeling secluded and overwhelmed with a “honey-do list” a mile long.  If the home is too small, you’re left feeling cramped and eye-to-eye with your neighbors.  Finding the perfect home that’s just the right size—not too big, not too small—blends the benefits of a single-family home (privacy, gardens, and storage) with the convenience of community living (minimal maintenance and instant friends).  Our pocket neighborhood is just that—an instant community that brings neighbors together naturally, balances personal and social space, and offers custom home designs to fit your family.

Unlike most Carmel developments with hundreds of houses, Inglenook’s pocket neighborhood features a sensible number of twenty-seven households, nestled together in groups of three to eight.  Keeping the number of houses low and situating them together around communal green spaces fosters a sense of community and daily interaction amongst residents.  Residents become more than neighbors; they look after one another as friends.

The community green space serves as a public space for neighbors to mingle, kids to play, and pets to romp.  Yet homeowners maintain their privacy through the placement of several natural barriers between public space and private property—a pedestrian-friendly sidewalk, native gardens, a low fence, residents’ personal garden beds, and finally the room-sized, covered front porches.  As you move closer and closer to the home, each layer of space moves from communal to personal.

Several design elements within Inglenook’s cottage homes also help preserve the privacy of each resident.  Using a term our architect, Ross Chapin, refers to as “nesting,” the “open” side of one house faces the “closed” side of the next.  While the number of windows is plentiful and their size is grand, “nesting” the homes together gives residents an added layer of privacy.  Furthermore, each home is designed so that the living spaces (living, kitchen, and dining) are located in the front of the home overlooking the community green space.  The private spaces (bedrooms, bathrooms, and offices) are located in rear and on the second floor of the home to ensure added privacy and restful naps.

If you’re feeling a bit like Goldilocks, stop by and see what Inglenook has to offer—it might be just right for you and yours.

To schedule a private tour of Inglenook please contact us at 317.767.9760 via email at  Our sales office is open Wednesday-Friday, 2-6PM and Saturday-Sunday, 1-4PM.