Inglenook of Zionsville Pocket Neighborhood News

This summer brought about a lot of growth in and around Inglenook of Zionsville.  



City construction began on Zionsville Road.  This reconstruction project involves the widening of a one-mile section of Zionsville Road, converting it from its current two-lane configuration to three lanes by widening the existing lanes and adding a center turn lane between Technology Center Drive and 106th Street. We are eagerly anticipating the reopening of the road in late 2019 along with the new 10’ multi-use pathway on the east side of the road from Inglenook of Zionsville to 106th Street.  Get your bikes and walking shoes ready!

In the meantime, please continue to access Inglenook of Zionsville from 106thstreet. If you have any trouble please give us a call – 317-767-9760.



If you haven’t driven by since construction on Zionsville Road started, you are in for a treat!  Cottage Homes are sprouting up along the west and south sides of our cottage community, more homeowners are moving in, and gardens are in full bloom.  

It has been a joy to get to know all the families along the way.From the colorful exterior paint and private flowerboxes, to the custom built-ins and detailed design, each home is unique and represents the personality of the homeowners.This summer we welcomed a family who has dubbed their cottage the “Joyful Cottage”.We can’t wait to see what other names residents will choose for their cottage homes!

Here’s a snapshot at the latest and greatest sales and construction:

  • The green Ellis on Homesite #14 is SOLD and is finishing up work for the new homeowners!

  • The Plumrose on Homesite #16 is finished and AVAILABLE.  This 3-bedroom cottage home is bright, spacious, and beautiful.  Give us a call to schedule a private tour – 317-767-9760. View Listing >

  • Homesite #26 is also SOLD!  There is only one Homesite left (#25) in that cozy pocket of cottage homes. View Neighborhood Plan >

  • Framing has begun on the SOLD Ellis on Homesite #17.  After framing we will be moving over to begin the construction on the AVAILABLE and first Betty Lou at Inglenook of Zionsville.

  • Construction is also set to begin on the SOLD Hunter on Homesite #3, the SOLD Plumrose on Homesite #30.  

  • The AVAILABLE Spruce on Homesite #1 is beginning porch construction.  Break out the rocking chairs and lemonade. View Listing >

We are looking forward to welcoming our next round of residents home this coming month! Stop by and see us Sunday, 1-4PM or schedule a private tour at 317-767-9760 / Hope to see you soon!