A Neighborhood With Green Space

A Neighborhood With Green Space

This week we laid down grass in the pocket of six homes on the west side of Maple Drive. While this may not seem like a big event to some, the grassy green space is a big distinction that sets Inglenook apart from the run-of-the-mill suburban communities.

Inglenook’s grassy green belts serve as the heart of the community, acting as an anchor for the cottage homes, a place for neighbors and friends to mingle, and a traffic-free play-space for children (and dogs).

Beauty and fun aside, the green space also serves a functional safety role in the neighborhood. By design, big front porches, oversized windows, and active living spaces in the homes overlook the greens. This simple layout provides an added layer of security for the community, or as our architect Ross Chapin says, “it puts eyes on the commons”. Homes and neighbors look out for one another as a member of the Inglenook community.

So next time you stop by be sure to admire the grassy green for more than just it’s pretty face.

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