Calling Pocket Neighborhoods Home

People who come to call Pocket Neighborhoods, like Inglenook of Zionsville, home have one key thing in common - their love and longing for community, a real neighborhood.

Community is a big part of neighborhood living, particularly at Inglenook.  Our architect, Ross Chapin, describes pocket neighborhoods as “a cohesive cluster of homes gathered around some kind of common ground within a larger surrounding neighborhood – a neighborhood within a neighborhood.”

Pocket Neighborhoods are strategically designed in a way to foster neighborly relations and encourage natural, daily interactions.  This aspect of Pocket Neighborhood living makes it so special and unlike other suburban developments.  People come from across the city, across the state, across the country, and, yes, even across the ocean to find a home at Inglenook Pocket Neighborhoods.

Finding Your Perfect Pocket In A Pocket Neighborhood

When you’re looking to select your perfect Homesite it’s important to keep in mind the thoughtfulness of Pocket Neighborhood design.  Every aspect of Pocket Neighborhoods is thoughtfully connected to the greater neighborhood plan.

Inglenook of Zionsville Neighborhood Plan

For those that lean towards the quiet comfort, we have cozy Homesites overlooking the woods or corner Homesites that are steps away from the shared green space. 

We have larger Homesites just right for families looking to accommodate their little ones or furry friends with a fenced-in side-yard.

Homeowners who are looking to live in the heart of the neighborhood activity – look no further than a Homesite on one of the greenbelts.  The perfect spot to watch the comings and goings of the day, oversee your little ones and neighborhood friends play, and enjoy the passersby. 


Inglenook of Zionsville Homes Under Construction & Available

Casey and his team of builders have begun home construction in the Northeast corner of Inglenook of Zionsville.  Homesites #11, 12, and 13 have all been spoken for, but Homesites #10 (a three-bedroom Plumrose) and Homesite #14 (a two-bedroom Betty) are still available.

New Home Construction at Inglenook of Zionsville

View Plumrose, Homesite #10 Listing>

View Betty, Homesite #14 Listing>

Lots of action is happening at Inglenook of Zionsville!  We would love to see you and talk more about Inglenook, Pocket Neighborhoods, and Cottage Living.  Call us at 317-767-9760 or email us at to schedule a tour of the site or meeting with Casey, our builder.

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