Perks of Pocket Neighborhood Living

The term “pocket neighborhood” was coined by Inglenook’s architect, Ross Chapin, to define a cluster of homes gathered around a common ground. Just like a pocket where you tuck away prize possessions, Inglenook’s pocket neighborhoods hold treasures of their very own. Here are a few of the treasures we’ve unlocked at Inglenook.


At Inglenook we put community first.  Our homes and neighborhoods are designed to build and encourage neighborly interactions.  Homes with big front porches overlook common grounds, here neighbors warmly greet each other as they come and go.


A web of pedestrian walkways connects each home to one another and each pocket to the larger community. The neighborhood is designed for people and to connect people to one another. 



Because of the thoughtful design of the homes and neighborhood, there is an inherent watchfulness for each other.  The homes are designed with their active spaces (front porches, living, dining, and kitchen) in the front of the homes adding to the notion of “all eyes on the commons”.  In its simplest form, neighbors watch out for one another. 

The essence of a Pocket Neighborhood is best summed up by the words of our homeowners - “The icing on the cake is the tight-knit community and the friendships and comfort my neighbors provide.  It truly is a place where everyone knows your name. Relationships were formed during construction and have grown since.  Helping hands, shared resources, a watchful eye out for and on you, a shared cup of coffee or a glass of wine.  If you’re out on your front porch, you can count on sharing a moment with whomever is out!” 

To experience our Pocket Neighborhood first-hand stop by for a tour of the latest homes under construction.The Sales Office is open Sundays, 1-4PM.To schedule a private tour please contact us at 317-767-9760 or via email at