Join Ross Chapin, Inglenook’s Architect, on the Front Porch

Tuesday, June 11thfrom 5-7PM we are hosting one of Inglenook’s favorites, our very own Ross Chapin, from Ross Chapin Architects on the front porch at Inglenook of Zionsville.

Ross Chapin Architects Porch Party

Ross is a man of many talents – renowned architect and author of Pocket Neighborhoods: Creating Small Scale Community in a Large Scale World to name a few.  Ross’s work spans the scale from neighborhoods to clusters of houses, individual buildings and surrounding gardens, to rooms and built-in furnishings. What ties it together is a decidedly personal and social dimension to his approach to building, where every aspect of design “strives to nourish the individual, support healthy relationships, and foster a strong sense of community.”  

The personal and social dimensions of his architectural approach are seeded in both the Cottage Home designs and neighborhood plan.  Inglenook’s Cottage Homes are designed so that active spaces (i.e., living, dining, kitchen) are located in the front of the home overlooking the community greens. The passive spaces (the bedrooms, offices, and bathrooms) are given more appropriate, private locations in the rear of the home and on the second floor.  

Extending to the neighborhood design, Inglenook is a one-of-a-kind pocket neighborhood with pedestrian-friendly walkways and beautiful common green space.  Inviting courtyards welcome visitors rather than busy streets. Fundamental to building a sense of community, these courtyards provide a space where neighbors mingle, kids play, and friends gather.  As Ross Chapin’s only pocket neighborhoods in the entire Midwest, Inglenook stands apart. 

His design is more than a signature; it’s a way of living.

Come experience Pocket Neighborhood living and meet our beloved architect Tuesday, June 11th from 5-7PM at Inglenook of Zionsville – RSVP or 317-767-9760.