Zionsville Road Construction Update

Zionsville Road Construction Update

We are excited to share that the construction along Zionsvillle road and the related pathway are underway!  They are currently putting up road closures as the project ensues. This reconstruction project involves the widening of a one-mile section of Zionsville Road, converting it from its current two-lane configuration to three lanes by widening the existing lanes and adding a center turn lane between Technology Center Drive and 106th Street. 

This project also includes adding a 10’ multi-use pathway the entire length of the project on the west side of the road as well as a 10’ multi-use pathway on the east side of the road from Inglenook and ZIonsville Cemetery north to 106th Street. 

Important Note:  To access Inglenook of Zionsville please enter from 106thand Zionsville Road. 

As this project continues we will be sure to pass along the latest and greatest news and information.  If you have any trouble please give us a shout. 

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Inglenook's Zionsville Neighbors

Inglenook's Zionsville Neighbors One of the many wonderful things about the town of Zionsville is the community of businesses. This past weekend we had the pleasure of spending the afternoon walking around Zionsville Village, enjoying the sunshine, and exploring our new neighborhood!

Here are a few local hotspots we’re excited about!

Zionsville Village Zionsville Village Zionsville Village Zionsville Village

We're looking forward to seeing you in the neighborhood!

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