Three Tips for choosing the RIGHT house

Three Tips for choosing the RIGHT house

Finding a house you like is tough enough; making the final choice of which house you want to make your home is even tougher.  Whether you’re deciding between floor plans at Inglenook or a house down the street here are a couple tips to help ease the decision process.

Tip #1:  When you go into a potential home, hold back from thinking about your furniture placements and paint colors.  Think first about how you live.  Think about your everyday routine.  Then ask yourself: will this space work for you and your family?

Tip #2:  Your house is more than four walls.  Where you live encompasses your street and your entire neighborhood.  Be sure to walk around the neighborhood and get a feel for the community you want to call home.    

Tip #3:  When in doubt, people often lean on numbers to help make their case.  Don’t fall into that trap.  Somewhere along the way we came to believe that bigger is better.  The truth is that bigger isn’t always better.  The value of a home cannot be measured in square footage or cost per square foot.  The more precise measurement of value is the quality of the home.  The details and design of a home define its character and comfort.

Ultimately, you have to evaluate what makes you feel at home.  Happy home hunting!