Inglenook Cottage Homes are built to last and withstand the worst of winter.

This weekend brings blustering winds and a good deal of snow - brrrr.  Winter weather puts a home to the test.  When building or buying a new home, it’s important to understand the quality of build that goes into the finished product.   

Building details often go unnoticed when looking at paint colors and room sizes.However, when faced with negative wind chills and falling temperatures, the details in the quality of build matter most.

Here’s an insider’s look at what goes into Inglenook Cottage Home construction from Casey, Inglenook’s builder:

“When weframe a house, we use 2x6 studs at 24” on center.  This allows for more insulation and makes it structurally stronger than the standard 2x4 studs at 16” on center. The exterior shells on Inglenook’s Cottage Homes are sheathed both on the roof and the walls with Zip System panels.  The Zip System streamlines weatherization by integrating air- and water-resistant barriers.  The Inglenook construction team then sprays the Cottage Home’s perimeter walls with ¾” thick closed cell foam insulation, and places a 6” fiberglass batt insulation over that.  We top all of this off with our roof system which is insulated with 12” of fiberglass batt insulation.  In our building envelope, we have chosen to use Anderson ® 400 series window units that are above builder grade.  These windows are Low-E ('low-emissive') glass, reflecting heat in the summer and helping keep heat inside in the winter.  We believe that the quality of build matters, building details matter.”

 We received the following email from one of our Inglenook homeowners during last year’s winter storm blast:


Just wanted to brag about my house to you.  Our power was out for 9 hours and the wind chill during that time was -41 degrees.  When the power came back on, my house had ONLY lost 14 degrees.  I think that is pretty darn good considering the temperature and wind chill to maintain that much heat under those circumstances!  Way to go Casey!”

Winter, do your best! We’ll be ready for you.

For a list of full home features or to schedule a tour please email us at by our Inglenook homes and warm yourself up fireside!