Meet the experienced and dedicated team behind Inglenook, Indiana’s only Pocket Neighborhoods. Land Development & Building is part of a new generation of custom home builders. We have put together a team of innovative thinkers, craftsmen, and suppliers for our unique communities in Carmel and Zionsville. We are a hard-working group with relentless attention to detail. We are committed to bringing you and your family beautifully designed spaces and a community to call home. We are more than a team; we are an Inglenook family.


Casey Land
Owner, Land Development & Building

Casey Land brings over 30 years of building and development experience to this new neighborhood concept. But it’s his passion and commitment to bringing innovation to home building that sparked the idea for Inglenook’s sustainable underpinnings and unique neighborhood design.

“If we can develop a more sustainable development and build greener homes without substantially more cost to the homeowner, why wouldn’t we? Nobody’s making us build a sustainable neighborhood. It’s just the right thing to do.”

Casey started his career under the watchful eye of his father, while working for his bridge-building company. This early experience ingrained in Casey the importance of being meticulous about every detail of construction. “What we do affects people’s lives and this is someone’s home for potentially the rest of their life.”


Ross Chapin Architects
Architecture and Site Planning

Ross Chapin Architects is dedicated to community-building, environmental stewardship, and expression of the simple joy of living through the creation of wonderfully detailed, “sensibly-sized” custom homes and soulful, vibrant environments.  A full-service architectural firm based on Whidbey Island since 1982, RCA has earned consistent recognition and major awards, the most recent of which are the 2007 & 2009 AIA National Honor Award and the 2007 Residential Architect Magazine Merit Award.  The firm’s work is regularly published in widely-distributed magazines and newspapers including the New York Times, Boston Globe, Fine Homebuilding, Metropolitan Home, Sunset, Cottage Living, and Coastal Living, as well as in numerous books, perhaps most notably in Sarah Susanka’s bestselling “Not-So-Big” series.  Mr. Chapin leads the six-person team at RCA in their successful collaboration with developers, city planners and builders to create innovative housing and neighborhood prototypes that have received significant national attention and shifted mainstream development thinking.

Ross Chapin, AIA

Ross Chapin, AIA, is the founder and Principal Architect of RCA.  He is active in his home community of Langley, WA, where he championed the innovative “pocket Neighborhood” code that has been used as a model across the country.  Through his work at RCA and as a joint partner with the Cottage Company, he has developed a comprehensive understanding of the subtle and vital connection between authentic design and place that nourish the individual and community.  He regularly speaks at universities and professional forums, and is currently writing a book for Taunton Press about neighborhoods.

Karen DeLucas, Associate AIA
Project Manager

Karen DeLucas has fourteen years of experience in residential architecture, seven of which have been with Ross Chapin Architects.  As project manager, she has been intimately involved with all stages of design and construction on the Conover Commons and Danielson Grove projects as well as all of RCA’s current ‘pocket neighborhood’ projects. Her innate ability to analyze and critically assess problems and to find creative solutions has been invaluable to the firm.  She brings a sensitive eye for detail to every project as well as the ability to hold on to the big picture.  Her passion is creating spaces that both foster community and enrich the individual experience.

Magee Land

Magee Land
Inglenook Sales and Marketing

Magee began her career as a registered nurse in Indianapolis, IN.  She has spent more than twenty-five years in pediatric nursing nurturing and growing families in Carmel, IN.  She has brought her love to Inglenook and is spreading it to our new Inglenook families and community. Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana,  Magee is familiar with the value of building a community in a new town.


Megan Leahy

Megan Leahy
Inglenook Marketing Director

Before joining the Inglenook team, Megan worked for national advertising and media firms up in the Windy City.  Daughter of Magee and Casey, Megan’s no stranger to a construction site, and is often spotted snapping pictures of the neighborhood and mingling with Inglenook residents at our porch parties. Megan currently lives in Chicago with her husband, Soran, and their kids, Margy, Will, and Michael, Inglenook’s unofficial greeters.