"I first fell in love with the charming colors, open porches, and unique design of the cottage homes of Inglenook. I loved the idea of garage entrances being placed behind the homes and rather than roads in front, there is green space.  After living in my cottage for almost two years, I continue to love what first drew me to these homes, but I now have a greater appreciation for the lifestyle that is encouraged by the pocket neighborhood design. You feel a sense of community! You know your neighbors, their children, and pets. In addition, the cottage design continues to amaze me, especially the natural light that pours in the huge windows throughout the cottage. I am grateful for the opportunity to live here.  I feel like I am on vacation every day!"

Deanne, The Coho

“Quality construction was extremely important to me. I put some money I inherited from my father into my home and I needed to know that he would approve of the construction of the home as he felt that so many builders just make homes look good on the outside but inside are poorly constructed. I have no doubt my father would be over-the-moon pleased with my home—inside and out!”

Rosemary, The Plumrose

A house with some character. Cozy, energy-efficient, and low-maintenance. It has big closets, a large storage area in basement, and a safe neighborhood, and is close to shopping and cultural activities, while being sensitive to ecological issues.

Gloria, The Madison


"For me, Inglenook is perfect for my lifestyle. It’s low maintenance and I have particular tastes when it comes to design and quality. The main reason I bought at Inglenook was because I really liked Casey, Inglenook’s builder. The first time I met him I could tell he wasn’t just another cookie cutter builder and I could see he had the same attention to detail as a builder that I had as a buyer. I liked the neighborhood and the pocket community concept. When I describe Inglenook to friends I usually tell them it’s a neighborhood of craftsman-style cottage homes that looks like a group of gingerbread houses out of a fairy tale."

Christian, The Betty

"After living in older houses, we were tempted by living in a newer house. But we didn’t want one of these huge 4000-sq. ft. houses with no character in anonymous neighborhoods. I also didn’t want a house where all you can see when you arrive in front of it is its garage. We didn’t particularly want a huge yard either as long as there was a nice space for the kids to play. And we were looking for an open space floor plan. Also, natural light is very important to us, as well as good insulation, and quality of building. We needed at least 4 bedrooms considering we have 4 children (but one already in school out of State). Inglenook offers all that! And with good interest rates, we could afford it! When I showed the kids photos of the house from the website, they got really excited and liked the house a lot. One wanted his room to be in the loft when the other one wanted the room with the balcony. Our toddler could have the bigger room, and we had a room added in the basement for when our oldest comes home."

The Le Hir de Fallois Family, The Ellis


"We were downsizing and relocating to be close to family. You do that when you get old. After 8 months of looking at over 50 houses in and around Carmel, we found INGLENOOK! The beauty and charm made us fall in love with the development immediately. A very rare find within any metropolitan area. The design, layout, and attention to detail in the cottages made us know we found our new home. Meeting the builder, Casey Land and his family, made us certain that Inglenook was built with love. When you turn into the entrance of Inglenook you are entering a special world. This is a true neighborhood."

The Walshes, The Coho

"The homes are darling inside and out, with a well thought out design, whether it's window placement or pocket fences, just as Ross Chapin intended (if you’ve not looked at, you need to read Pocket Neighborhoods).   I appreciated that the building standard options were high end and custom as is, so you weren’t overwrought with making decisions on every detail, but that Casey was flexible where you did want to deviate.   A year and half later, I’m still receiving compliments any time someone comes to my cottage.  And the icing on the cake is the tight-knit community and the friendships and comfort my neighbors provide.  With 27 homes, it truly is a place where everyone knows your name.  Relationships were formed during construction and have grown since...helping hands, shared resources, a watchful eye out for and on you, a shared cup of coffee or glass of wine.  If you're on your front porch, you can count on sharing a moment with whomever's out!"

Rachel, The Iris